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Would Yew Believe it

In mid August we try to get the yew hedges cut so yesterday on Bank Holiday Monday we started.  My husband cuts the hedges while I have the really interesting job of putting down the dust sheets and picking up the clippings.  We had been hard at it for about a couple of hours (with a coffee break or two)when the little niggle I had had about one of the dust sheets finally came to the fore and I decided it was the best sheet off my bed that I had been looking for over the last couple of months.  It is by now covered in green gunge and I have got to try to get clean!

While we were doing the hedges, we decided that a really ugly yew tree that is in the garden would be the ideal candidate for ‘stumping’ which means cutting back really hard and when it sprouts out cutting it int0 an egg and cup shape ie topiary on a large scale.

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