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March Plant of the Month – Narcissus

It could not be any other, than the beautiful Daffodil for March and what a range of sizes, colours and shapes.  It is a genus of bulb that is mostly very hardy.  It prefers sun or light shade and well drained soil, although they will tolerate quite wet sites as long as they are not actually sat in water at any time.  The earliest of this genus flowers in a good year from the end of December to the latest in May.  The colours are usually yellow or white, with trumpets that can be orange, pink and even red.  They can be  double and look like scrambled egg, have reflex petals or petal that face forwards.  New varieties come out each year.

Daffodils need splitting after a few years as they increase naturally by offsets and this causes them to get very packed and dense and so they stop flowering.  All you need to do is dig them up six weeks after they have finished flowering, divide them and then replant them ready for next year.  The ones in the picture are ‘February Gold’ which most years do not flower until March. 


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