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June Plant of the Month – Wisteria

If you have a place for a Wisteria they are well worth the trouble and effort they require to flower well.  Although they do not have a long flowering duration about 3 weeks to a month they are the most beautiful of all climbers, they can be grown along walls or fences, on pergolas (as the one pictured is), over arches or up old trees.  The flowers of all Wisteria are typical pea-family in shape and are often very scented.  They come in colours from white, pink, purple and violet-blue.  As in the picture they hang in long elegant trails and later have bean like seedpods.  All Wisteria species are twining, woody, deciduous climbers and if given something for the stems to climb can reach 30 – 50 ft, they will also live for up to 100 years.  For a good flowering display careful pruning is required.

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