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July Plant of the Month – Malva moschata

This easy to grow perennial is a branching and bushy plant that produces a succession of spikes with cup shaped blooms which are pink or white.  It grows to a height of 60cm – 1 metre (2-3ft) and seeds gently around, always in better places than I originally put it.  It seems to look lovely with almost anything so companion planting is easy  I like it with Eryngium gigantium ‘Miss Wilmotts Ghost’.  I find it is very tolerant of dry […]


June Plant of the Month – Rose

Whether they are massed in traditional formal beds, trained on fences or through trees or even combined with other plants in mixed plantings there are roses for almost any garden.  They can stand alone as billowing or weeping specimens in a lawn or serve as an informal flowering hedge.  They can grow to 50ft or can be as used as ground cover and only be a few inches tall.  The colours range from white to every shade of pink though […]


Vegetable of the month – June

Salad Leaves By June we should be well into our successional sowings, I usually start planting salad crops from around mid-April depending on the weather, they are usually slow to start in the cold soil but by June the soil should be good and warm and you will definitely need to be planting about once a fortnight to keep a supply of fresh green leaves for the salad bowl. My favourite are cut and come again leaves which as soon as they […]


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