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Latest News

Goltho Blog

We are getting ready for our first NGS open day which is on Sunday 19 April fingers crossed for good weather.  We are open all day 10.00 am til 4.00 pm for this deserving charity hope to see you here. We have been busy repairing the paths in the potager as we have had rogue moles going through and upsetting the bricks so some have had to come up and be relaid.  It is now much better and we can […]


Goltho Blog

Only one day off this week as we were open on Easter Monday, so have been trying to get caught up today.  During the week however, we cut back all the Cornus (dogwood) and Salix (willow) and gave them a feed. This will make them grow long wands ready for next winter to give colour during our coldest months. We have also been plodding through all the potting up, so there are now plenty of plants for sale in the […]


Goltho Blog Spot

Just thought I might do a small news item each week to keep you all up to date with the happenings at Goltho.  I can not promise to do every week as (hopefully) we will get really busy and I might not have time. We have been busy in the garden or the tunnel depending on the weather most of the last few weeks, we have never been so far ahead in our tidying up ready for spring. I am […]


Phase 2 finished

Here is a picture of the finished board walk that goes all round on side of the pond.  We are really pleased with it and spend any spare time sitting either watching the fish or if a nice evening having a ‘sun downer’ before dinner.  Unfortunately do not have enough spare time to do it justice. We are about to start another new project, probably tomorrow which will be a herb garden, this will be looking good next spring so watch out for […]


Phase 2 Started

As the weather has been so bad we have ground to a halt with just about everything.  The first half of the second phase of the boardwalk is finished, when the next half will be finished is anyone guess at the moment. So here is a photo of it so far. I was asked to be interviewed on Lincoln City Radio today, they have only been going for two years but play lovely old fashioned music.  It was really nice […]


July Plant of the Month – Philadelphus

Philadelphus or more commonly Mock Orange is a popular shrub in gardens and rightly so.  This year they are absolutely covered with white or cream blossoms and the scent is very strong of orange blossom.  The cup shaped flowers have a conspicuous central boss of frothy yellow stamens,  shrubs vary in size from 10ft to 1.5 ft tall and the flowers can be single or double some having  a dark centre which looks very attractive.  They all can be cut […]


Deck Plan

We have a new project going on at the moment, although it is taking longer than imagined as the rain keeps on stopping progress.  The first phase is finished which is a small ‘decked’ area which hangs over the pond so you can look into it and see the fish and other wild life.  We have started to have our morning coffee there also as it is really peaceful.  The second part is started but not yet finished, which is […]


June Plant of the Month – Wisteria

If you have a place for a Wisteria they are well worth the trouble and effort they require to flower well.  Although they do not have a long flowering duration about 3 weeks to a month they are the most beautiful of all climbers, they can be grown along walls or fences, on pergolas (as the one pictured is), over arches or up old trees.  The flowers of all Wisteria are typical pea-family in shape and are often very scented. […]


Grass Treatments

The craft fair held last weekend was most successful, for a change the weather was really good and we had plenty of visitors to both the gardens and to the many and varied stalls. Now the weather has finally warmed up the grass is growing very quickly and we decided it was time to give it its yearly treatment for weeds.  This is for all the usual ones like dandelions, buttercup etc but they are now all curling up and […]


Yew Wood Not Believe it

What can I say, we believe in large topiary here!  It will look a little odd for a year or so but will eventually be trimmed into an dome shape in an eggcup. We are still gardening in ever decreasing circles as I can not get any hoeing done and it has to be all done with a fork and hand, it is so cold at night that plants and not growing properly yet when it does eventually warm up […]


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