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May Plant of the Month – Camassia

Camassias are an early summer flowering bulb which are suitable for the border as long as the soil does not dry out too much.  The bulbs are reasonably hardy if planted in the garden, I have had no problems with them coming up each year but in a pot they would need some protection. They require sun or part shade with deep moist soil, plant bulbs in the autumn to 4in deep.  The strap like leave come up late winter […]


Water, Water Everywhere

I would have put money on the fact that as soon as a hosepipe ban is put into operation is does not stop raining.  Here, we are swelching up the garden, the ponds are flooding and the plants (and weeds) having a gay old time, growing like mad and looking really lush.  The difficulties lay in trying to get some weeding done, we have managed to get some borders  in what was the old garden re-weeded as it is much […]


Hedging your Bets

What about this weather, isn’t it fabulous hotter than most of June last year but it does make you worry that a hard frost will come along and spoil all the new leaves as they are still so tender. We are cutting the main hawthorn hedge this week, what a job that is!  It takes about three days hard slog and in this heat it is even more unpleasant than usual but it does look lovely when it is all […]


Mothering Sunday

I have not blogged for a while now as the weather was awful so no gardening was happening and then I went on holiday, I try to leave the garden a least once a year!! The weekend just gone was Discover Lincolnshire weekend and the weather was absolutely fantastic so warm I was in a tee shirt, and because of this we had loads of visitors to the garden, and lots of really good comments too which is always a […]


March Plant of the Month – Narcissus

It could not be any other, than the beautiful Daffodil for March and what a range of sizes, colours and shapes.  It is a genus of bulb that is mostly very hardy.  It prefers sun or light shade and well drained soil, although they will tolerate quite wet sites as long as they are not actually sat in water at any time.  The earliest of this genus flowers in a good year from the end of December to the latest […]


February Plant of the Month – Hellebore

A perennial grown for it lovely winter and early spring flowers.  Most of the deciduous species retain there old leaves over winter and should be cut off, I usually do this in December but as long as they are done before the flowers show as it it much more difficult otherwise.  It is a plant that is excellent in woodland as it likes half shade and moisture retentive but well drained soil.  Easy from seed but it does need to […]


Sculpture Culture

We have a little culture here at Goltho at the moment as we have an exhibition of metalwork done by a local blacksmith, which are for sale if one or more of them take your fancy, they are placed in strategic places around the garden. I have been busy beavering  whenever the weather permitted, the rose garden is now finished being weeded and I have also got some potting up done ready for our re-opening on Friday 3 February. Also […]


Rose Arches

This weekend was spent repairing the arches in the Rose Garden as over the years they have started to rot.  This is Sean just tightening up the nuts to stop the timbers falling off.  I then have to finish painting them with creocote,  they now look as though they have always been there.  Today was spent pruning and re wrapping the roses around them,  hoping they will grow well this year to fill in some of the spaces the pruning […]


Movement in the Garden

All  December I was redecorating the main hall and one of the Bed and Breakfast rooms, that took up most of the month together with Christmas of course but now we are into the New Year and the garden beckons again. I have been out there in this awful wind weeding away, it was good to get out and start again.  We have our first daffodil out it is an early one but the rest of them are still a […]


December & January

Not a plant picture for December and January, but a winter picture, to remind us what the weather was like last year.  This is the family dog Raffy out in the snow, he thought it was wonderful, we still did at the time!


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