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The Garden

Goltho GardensGoltho House and grounds were purchased in 1997 in a virtually derelict condition. It took 18 months to make the house habitable, and during that period time was also spent on the groundwork that formed the foundation of the 4½ -acre garden.The first step was a boundary hedge planted through what was, at the time, the middle of a ploughed field. After taking up residence in the house, time could then spent on seeding the main grass areas and laying out the network of paths, also at this time the planting of the nut walk and autumn garden took place. Over the next two years the layout of the garden progressed to a level where the final form and composition could be envisaged. Then in autumn of 2000 the old farm pond was cleared and a new pond dug out above it, this completed the major landscaping of the garden and allowed time to be spent on the colour and arrangement of individual areas.The garden now boasts a long grass walk flanked by abundantly planted mixed borders, from which a network of paths and walkways meander out to other features; the nut walk is wonderful in the spring, an experimental prairie border, a small woodland area, and a stunning wildflower meadow. Nearer the house lies a pæony garden, and a delightful rose garden, whilst the Potager planted with herbs and vegetables makes a wonderful contrast to the rest of the garden with its formal geometric planting and brick paths.Goltho GardensThe garden is laid out with a strong feeling of colour, form and texture in both flowers and foliage this reflecting our interest in a wide range of plants, including some rare and unusual ones.In 2000 we were persuaded to open to the public for three charity days, these proved so popular that we have continued this tradition and now have four each year. In addition from 2004 we started to open every Wednesday and Sunday from April to September and then from 2009 we made the decision to open from Wednesday until Sunday.In 2007 we added a gravel garden which managed to survive the wet and is now maturing nicely, and then in 2008 the tea shop was added to ensure the whole Goltho Gardens experience is pleasurable, with time to sit and chat about all you have seen and then perhaps look again!Many of the plants seen in the gardens are propagated on site and can be purchased in the nursery, which lies close to the house in one of the many old farm buildings.View our Garden Map

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Disabled access and parking areas available.
We have one wheelchair available.

We are Open

April to October 2021

(Winter hours March & October, Summer hours April to End September)

Summer Opening Hours for 2021

Thursday 10am to 4pm

Friday 10am to 4pm

Saturday 10am to 4pm

Sunday 12pm to 4pm

Bank Holiday 10pm to 4pm

Tickets to Garden : £7.50 Free Entry to Tea Shop & Nursery

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